Meeting the legislative obligations of keeping a guest register

Automated reporting to the Foreign Police

Guests fill in and sign the registration forms prior to their arrival.

Generating reports and payment orders to municipalities.

How to get the guest register?

Before you start using the BePrague guest register, take the following steps.

User account at

It is easy. You can set up your BePrague user account within a couple of minutes. All you need to do is to register and log in. You can then create as many guest registers as you need in the app. It is quick, easy and secure.


Registration with Foreign Police

Your accommodation must be registered with the Foreign Police - which then gives you the identification number you use to authorize the registration forms of your guests in the BePrague guest register. Do you want to know more about the obligations to the Foreign Police?

Price list

We are partners for every short-term rental provider and such are our prices. From the 16th registration form in the calendar month, the guest register runs free of charge for that month.

1x registration form 20 CZK without VAT
Maximum monthly installment 300 CZK without VAT
  • 1-15 guests in the guest register are charged at 20 CZK per guest
  • 16th and every other guest is free of charge
  • forms are counted for each guest register separately