Sharing beautiful travel experiences is a pleasure, staying in touch is a necessity, and using a map or seeing what's happening in Prague is just a must. It is not possible to enjoy a holiday without an internet access.

Get a SIM CARD with 5GB or WIFI TO GO modem. You will be able to access the internet 24/7 for a great price.

WIFI TO GO is exactly what you need when you wish to have your original SIM card in your phone or if you are visiting Prague with friends. You can connect with multiple devices at once.

Order SIM or WIFI TO GO today and pay by card or cash after arrival to Prague.

Price of 5GB SIM – 490 CZK / 19 EUR / 22 USD

Price of 5GB WIFI TO GO modem – 590 CZK / 23 EUR / 27 USD + refundable deposit 1400 CZK / 56 EUR / 64 USD

We look forward to seeing you in Prague at the Be Prague reception!